Responsible and Healthy Doberman Breeding

Welcome to Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers. I’m glad you found us. My name is Patty Scott and my sister and I have been running our own, safe and loving Doberman breeding business out of Shakopee, Minnesota for the better part of fifteen years. Dogs have always been my life and I hated the way that many breeders handled their animals. I wanted to be the difference in dog breeding. All in all, between my sister and myself, we have four lively dams and four healthy studs. Every one of our dogs has a strict diet and workout routine, keeping them all spry and happy.

All of our dogs get checkups on the regular and we never breed unless they’re at their best. We strive to give every potential puppy the best opportunity. Each pup is registered with AKC very soon after they are born and all of their shots are given to them before we put them up for sale. We also make sure that each new puppy is cropped by a veterinarian between the ages of 12-16 weeks. Maybe we wait longer than other breeders to sell off a litter but we take pride in our dogs and want each one to be the best it can be before it is purchased. Our passion for humane and responsible breeding is unlike any other. Before anyone gets one of our puppies, we go through a thorough background check and like to have multiple interviews beforehand.

Once pups are properly weaned, we even begin basic training so that by the time you’ve found your new best friend, they already have a starting foundation for good behavior.

You might ask, “Why dobermans?” and you’d be right to. Growing up, we had a dog but she wasn’t a doberman. I loved her and she stuck by me until she eventually passed away. However, during this time, I actually had a bad experience with a neighbor dog while taking Mable on a walk. My neighbors dog just happened to be a doberman and the experience left me scarred for many years. As I grew up, I wanted to challenge my fear and learned more about this dog breed. I started volunteering at a local shelter and became friends with Howie, a grumpy old doberman. From then on, the rest is history. I soon got Marcus as a young pup and he became my first stud.

Patty Scott with Marcus

These dogs don’t sit well with a lot of people. They’re intimidating and often aggressive if not trained properly. However, they are also very protective, smart and great for those who have athletic lifestyles. They can also be the sweetest and most cuddly. I don’t advise people with young children to have this breed though, as once again, they can have overpowering tendencies. They need a pack leader because without one, they will take the lead.

Overall, dobermans are my favorite and I’m so happy I gave this breed a second chance. If you are curious to know more about what we do here at Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers, are curious about a puppy and the cost or want to schedule a phone interview, please head on over to the Reach Us page for contact info. Thanks! Looking forward to speaking with you.