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Caring for Your Special Needs Companion

Accidents happen and we don’t always have the ability to avoid them. When it comes to our pets, we only want to give them the best life possible. Even in the event of an accident, we can still make that happen. If you’ve gone through the pain of watching your pet suffer, either from illness or injury, then you know the feeling of hopelessness that it can bring. However, with today’s veterinary medicine, even a paralyzed pup can prosper. It’s wonderful to see so many animals being rescued from shelters that struggle with special needs. People are seeing the beauty and unique personalities in these potential pets and it’s entirely heartwarming.

If you’re someone that is thinking of adopting or even buying an animal with specific needs, continue reading. You can learn a lot from pet parents already invested in this kind of furry friend, just take a look at Lil Bub.

Let’s say your pet is paralyzed from the waist down. No longer is this a death sentence. There’s no need to put an otherwise, healthy animal down, if with just a bit more care and patience, the animal could continue to live a long and happy life. Finding credible resources is the first thing to do. You’ll want to educate yourself and invest in high quality, affordable products. Look through for ideas. If you’re the creative type, you can even make your own!

DIY Pet Wheelchairs

Going this route is a good first step, however, I’d still consider buying a product designed for pets with front or back legs that don’t work correctly. For now though, to get your pet used to this method of mobility, building one yourself should do just fine. Finding a useful guide to walk you through the steps, or give you an idea of how to construct one will be beneficial.

Tools You’ll Need:

  • PVC pipe and elbows– Adjust size depending on weight of dog.
  • Wheels– Purchase wheels you’d normally see on a dolly.
  • Pipe insulator or pool noodle– This will keep your pet comfortable.
  • Adhesive– To glue any parts together as needed.
  • Bandage or straps– Use these to keep your pet in place.


Caring for a needy animal takes a lot of love and a big heart. It’s vital to educate yourself on the best ways of caring for your pet. Keeping them clean, safe and active is all apart of the process. Animals that can’t use their back legs, often make of mess of things and you’ll want to stay on top of daily cleaning. They can also easily fall into depression if not mentally and physically engaged. Even taking the time to massage their weakened muscles will prevent future infection. Every animal deserves a loving home and the opportunity to be the best they can be.