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Patty and pup, Marcus

Who We Are

As stated on the homepage, my name is Patty Scott. I have been working with my sister, Amy, for nearly fifteen years breeding the best dobermans around. We are born and raised and run our business out of Shakopee Minnesota near Prior Lake. It’s really beautiful out here. This area is prime for working with dogs as there is so much room and many new places to discover. At any given time, we could have near 20 dogs, including puppies, to take care of, so space to run around is important for us!

I’ve always been very passionate about animals and wanted to give the best life to all of my companions. Breeding kind of fell into my life, I never expected this to be what I do. This breed of dog is unlike any other and after a bit of an accident with one when I was younger, I wanted to dedicate myself to learning more about them. When I was a little girl, I got pit by a ill tempered doberman that had gotten loose from my neighbors yard. For years I was left terrified but one day decided to reevaluate. Since then, they’ve actually become my favorite breed! Often misunderstood, dobermans are actually very loving and extremely intelligent. If you’d like to know more about Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers, please email me at