AKC & Dog Breeding Resources

  1. American Kennel Club– This site has everything you need to know about breeding, owning and caring for your dog. It also tells you how to register new puppies.
  2. The Puppy Mill Project– They will help you keep an eye out for puppy mills. Puppy mills are no good and if you’re looking to buy a new pup, make sure it’s not from a mill.
  3. Adopt A Pet– Is all about connecting you with reputable breeders near you.
  4. Power Breeder– If you’re a breeder looking to start a website, check out this link on the best methods.
  5. Dog Breeder Directory– Is another webpage that will put you into contact with breeders all over the country.
  6. Petwave– If you’re a new breeder or someone thinking of breeding their dog for the first time, there is a lot of good information to look over on this site.
  7. Pet Education– From dogs, cats, and fish to reptiles and ferrets, this site is full of helpful information, especially for new breeders.
  8. The Kennel Club– Is a lot like AKC and suitable for all kinds of animal owners and breeders.
  9. Canis Major– This helpful guide will help you with all the questions you might have as a novice breeder or someone thinking about mating their dog.
  10. We Love Doberman– Specifically for doberman dog lovers. This helpful site has everything you need to know about this special breed.

I’m on the hunt for all the best websites that has to do with breeding dogs and pet education. Are you someone with a website that fits this criteria? If you are, head on over to the Reach Us page. There, you’ll be able to send me an email, explaining your site and what you know about the process of breeding dogs. From there, you’ll get the link to your site on our page!